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Charlie O'Garrity

Actor, Director, Producer, Writer, Business Owner & Entrepreneur




Carlos Orlando Garrido is a Part-Time Business Entrepreneur and is also a Full-Time Actor, Director, Producer, and Writer in the making. He was born on March 20, 1993, in Miami, FL. He is about "5'10" and weighs in at 170 lbs. He is a 1st Generation American born of European descent - Spaniard descent, in other words, and has his Spaniard Citizenship. He is also of Portuguese, Irish, Scottish, French, British, Polish, and remotely Italian ancestry. His favorite colors are Green & Blue. He plays guitar, video games, sports, does artwork/designing and he also works out in his free time as one of his hobbies. He is also a Professional-Wrestling(Pro-Wrestling), Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts(MMA), Karate, and Tae Kwon Do enthusiast & connoisseur. He attended Royal Palm Elementary and then after graduating from there, he transferred to Miami Christian School for Middle & High School. In Miami Christian School, during his High School years, he took Drama Classes and was in school plays with his Drama Class and Drama Teacher. He was also part of The International Thespian Society Club as an Honorary Member and that is how he earned his Drama-Thespian Awards through the plays that he has been in. He has also played sports like Basketball, Baseball, Flag-Football, Soccer, and Volleyball throughout his whole life; during his educational times and as part of his curricular activities - while also doing karate, wrestling, and MMA during the summer seasons in his high school years. He has also earned awards for playing these Sports as well. After graduating from High School with a High School Diploma, he attended Miami Dade College(MDC) for his Associates's Degree in Pre-Bachelors of Arts and graduated from there. Furthermore, he has also graduated from Florida International University(FIU) where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre with a Film Studies Certificate during his time there and he is afterward planning on attending the University of Central Florida(UCF) for his Master's of Arts Degree in Feature Film Production or another Bachelors of Arts Degree in Film. 

He is also planning a production of films & planning on doing part-time directing for the comic book adaptions of Batman Beyond & Spider-man 2099 while also acting as one of the major leading roles of the characters in each of the two films for DC & MARVEL. He is also planning on directing, producing & acting in a few other feature film projects, tv shows, original series & sit-coms that he has brainstormed entitled "The Spaniard", "Dragal", "Dragons of Galicia", "Starkiller: A Star Wars Story", "Power Rangers: Legends Reborn", "Halo", "Mass Effect: N7", "Heaven vs. Hell: The Revelation", "The Black Cauldron" and more. He is also planning on starting his own business by becoming the Owner, Founder & Creator of Bloody Blue Mars which is a film production studio, a restaurant, a martial arts dojo, and a fighting academy for other combat sports that is currently in the works.

Charlie O'Garrity





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