Charlie O'Garrity graduated from Just The Funny as an Acting Student.

Updated: Aug 23

Charlie has completed all of his required pre-requisites and Electives at Just the Funny Improv Comedy.

After Charlie graduated from Miami Dade College he enrolled as an Acting Student and as an Improviser at Just The Funny Improv Comedy & Sketch in South Florida for about almost 2 years. From 2018 to 2019. Charlie completed his Required Classes from Acting 1 to Acting 5 and he has also completed his Electives which consisted of the Harold & Musical Improv. His next goal is to take "Fakespeare" which is a form of Shakespearian Improvisational Acting and his other goal is to audition for the role of being an official Cast Member of Just The Funny. Basically what he did and what all students and cast members do at JTF is perform scenes that are unrehearsed and unscripted with some improv games involved as warm ups. He has also done many final performance scenes for each of those classes in total at the end of the week of each lesson and has also received his JTF Acting Certificates for all 7 Courses & Workshops. You can also watch the highlight reels & demo reels of Charlie's Acting & Final Performances here on his website under the "Videos" tab & section. And Once Charlie becomes a Cast member, make sure you stop by and watch his performances, support him as a fan and follow him on almost all social media platforms that he is on which is listed on this website.

If you are interested in taking acting & improv courses at JTF, make sure you check out their website here on the link below to register, sign up, enroll and pay for your classes:

You can also purchase your tickets here at:

On that website you can also purchase tickets to watch shows. And if you are a student, you get to watch shows at JTF for free - that's right you read it - it's FREE OF CHARGE. And Just The Funny is located in South Florida and the address is listed here:

- Street Address: 3119 Coral Way #2, Miami, FL 33145

- Phone Number: (305) 693-8669

- Email:

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